“I had an EXTRAORDINARY massage yesterday, right in the neighborhood (near E. 4th Street and Beverly). Jody is knowledgeable and gifted, and I am so glad she’s nearby.”

- Catherine Harren Barufaldi

“Every time I walk away from an appointment with Jody I feel thoroughly relaxed, stress and pain free and 100% better than when I walked into the appointment. I suffer from neck/shoulder pain & tightness as well as sciatic pain. Jody’s technique and professional approach is superb. She listens to your concerns, is responsive to your feedback and can read your body exceptionally well to tailor your massage for maximum benefits. I find all my sessions with Jody quite beneficial and would recommend her to any of my friends or family.”

- Amy Hughes

“Jody gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. She listened and responded to my needs and combined an intuitive ability to find areas of tension with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injury. The massage was not only relaxing, it was therapeutic. I came in tense, out-of-alignment and with a minor but painful issue in my upper arm (something got tweaked or twisted when I picked up my son). By the time I left, I felt refreshed, relaxed and re-aligned. And the most amazing part: my arm was totally healed!
Jody incorporates hot stone therapy, aromatherapy and deep-tissue massage. She is thorough, strong, attentive, generous with her time and energy and she takes her work very seriously. I feel like I discovered a hidden gem in my neighborhood.”

- Lea Bender